Wolfe Tone and Michael Collins

The Assassination of Michael Collins: What Happened At Béal na mBláth?

Respect our existence: or expect our resistance

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To subvert the tyranny of our execrable Government, to break the connection of England – the unfailing source of all our ills – and to assert the independence of my native country … these were my objects.“

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When Michael Collins quoted Wolfe Tone’s words, above, in a 1918 election speech, he knew they would be instantly recognized by his audience. That motto had formed the original seed and core of Ireland’s nationalist independence movement, of which Tone was the idealogical father.

This uncompromising call to action had an impact equivalent to Malcolm X’s pithy summation, over a century later,
„… by any means necessary.“

It was a line drawn in the sand: political change would no longer be a mere debating point.  It was a question of survival.  It was a seizure of the moral high ground, and the right…

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Zum 99. Todestag von James Connolly – einer von Irlands Großen

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